School’s out from the fires up north 😦 – stay safe everyone!

==hella long Thanksgiving holiday i.e time to catch up on 20+lectures and then actually not

Things to dwell upon
-Finished photoshoot today :)))
-Impending finals
-Choreo homework (what is dancer’s block)
-KBBQ tmr woop

Shea Butter Baby – Ari Lennox, J.Cole
Remember Me – Umi
And of course, any Daniel Caesar



a collection of things about my freshman year.

-people first, cars second.
-they project a ‘thank you’ when getting off the bus and ask ‘how are you’.
-how my british-leaning accent was much noticed, yet adored as a spectacle.
-and as a result, how i tried to tone down this product of colonization, all the while adamant about retaining my ‘can’t, lifts, water’and others.
-the thought of actually possibly failing a class scared me for the first time.
-my go-to Gypsy’s/ Dumpling Express/”Poke Parlor”, meal-point Ben & Jerry’s.
-signing my first lease
-a more tighter lense on dance/ AFX socials/ people-meeting moments/ “my closet-ratchetness”
-more appreciative stance on famlove

-my emotional/cognitive block on every uwc related thing

A forgotten draft from Sep 6, 2016 (3:37am)

It’s funny how this started more than a year ago.
It’s been about two weeks since first years have encompassed the other 50+% of campus, wide-eyed and excited.
It’s sad to acknowledge we have to say goodbye to this place in less than a year.
It’s a shame my second years aren’t here. It really is.

I like my roommates.
I like seeing the people who made last year so special.

The 2/8=1/4 point

Slither of an update:
-Just submitted my housing app (because um competition here is VICIOUS)
-I devoured​ half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s because I can (dw parental units I’m not stressed)
-People are still giving out ‘free’ weed on the streets (No, dat hella stanky)
-I joined a bunch of stuff! (AFX yet again, Berkeley Student Food Collective, HKSA, Decal Board, blah balh bhla blha good cosas)
-Oh look! Some aesthetic photo of my previous dance team S3 of me in the center (aren’t I narcissistic?) -if y’all wanna check out the choreo by my amazing directors, link’s down there 🙂
-My baby succulent Hector Huxley Hurbie’s sprouting a horrible offspring (Jeff) IT really hit puberty during winter break (*snip snip soon sibilance)
-Kalimba my querida ❤ It sounds so beautiful, when I'm not playing it </3


( ) S3S3S3S3S3S3S3SS3S3S3S3S3S3S3S3S3S3S (if you read carefully I’m missing a 3 inbetween 2 consecutive S’s 😉 )

Catcha later (will I ever actually),
~Jay/z/s (not on my feet)

Hei Hei again :)

Two years ago ME: I’m creating this site for the sole purpose of documenting UWCRCN life

Current ME: Gosh, I have a midterm tomorrow. But updating this page seems like a better idea than Math. I’m NOT saying I’m procrastinating (because some may assume that I hadn’t started revising, FYI, I have).

Some quick facts/healthy brain dump.

-I’m at university (phew I made it, mom and dad) and settled in just fine.
-Not homesick (YET). While some people I know are. Thank you, boarding school experience. No, I’m not heartless or anything.
-I don’t actually miss UWC. Yes, it was a beautiful time/life experience with memories to think about. But hey, life ain’t stationary (hate to break it to you). Anyway, it’s good to still talk with friends I met at the bubble.
-Joined a dance team! Yay, trying new things is cool. Especially since it’s something I’ve never done. We’re performing so that’ll be nerve wrecking but WORTH IT <—- good show, love the food. Had a photoshoot today, and the pic above is my fam!
-I realize that this website is more like my monthly diary, hehe, so hence the tone I write in.
-People do notice a slight British accent in America and call me out on it. It's not even that strong, mate.
-Cars stop for you here. Yes, I'm surprised.
-'Hella' is part of my vocab now.
-I wanted to continue this site because some blogs on UWC blogs stop right after the experience ends and it's like "I want to know how you are afterwards??!!"

Anyway, gonna study now 🙂 Whoever you are, if you did get to the end of this post, I hope you're doing well 🙂

Catcha later,


So the lack of posts these past months were due to the IB. But I don’t need to apologize for that 🙂

Anyway, with the end of IB comes the end of a beautiful, memorable two years at RCN. The flashback of first arriving on campus with excitement juxtaposed conflicting emotions regarding leaving “home”. It’s no doubt that I’ve learned a lot like juggling academics with social life, but it’s the positive impact on the way you think that you bring with you beyond UWC.

It crushes me to depart from friends who I hold as dear as family, splitting up into different parts of the world yet again, the same way we were before we met. No social media or phone call can replicate the warmth of their smiles when you told them face on about receiving university offers or their hugs and comfort during tough times.

You tell them – “we’ll meet again”. But there is ambiguity and uncertainty in your voice. Will you? For some, it’s possible. For others, it’s the final goodbye, hug, wave. You’re scared that you might eventually stop missing them, or worse of all, even remembering the fact that they had once decorated your life at some point. I cried so much at the airport and on the plane. So much.

So dear people who’ve enriched my RCN time, I thank you all. You have no idea how grateful I am.

We huddled together in the Flekke bubble, braving the PMS-ing weather, and maybe we will once again in 10 years, and 20 years time.

I miss you guys.


1/4 more

So third term is FINALLY OVER OMG YES (it was not as bad as I had envisioned tbh) But that means a few more months at “home”, so that’s a little tear-jerking. Nevertheless, I guess we all anticipated for the end to come drifting towards us.

There are perks and non perks(?) of going home.
$ I can dress like whatever I want(weird hairstyles + mismatched makeup/clothes) BE MYSELF at a place that I only see for a few weeks ❤ People forget faces.

$ Food. Enough said. Well not 'enough', you won't understand. So here's the ramble: dimsum, egg tarts, egg waffle, desserts…

* Cue Rihanna's 'Work' song, because Apps and Exams 😦

* Seeing relatives who claim to not have seen me in so long but technically have the photos of me which my parents send them every now and then. Continues to comment on my appearance, yes Norway lets me gain weight what's wrong with that, I like food, you like food, it makes us happy k.
Asian Show : Time to rep my beloved 852 ❤ HKHKHK
Here are some of the dances I performed in (totally not egoistic)




Just look at that gorgeous room photo FH 102 yay (Burn baby burn)-taken at Christmas dinner

Catcha Later,

Nos empezamos otra vez

It’s mindboggling how this started more than a year ago.
It’s been more than a month since first years have encompassed the other 50+% of campus, wide-eyed and excited.
It’s sad to acknowledge we have to say goodbye to this place in less than a year.
It’s a shame my second years aren’t here. It really is.

I like my roommates
I like seeing the people who made last year so special (BERGEN DAY WAS AMAZING)
-[Elaboration-*BERGEN DAY* is only for second years, where we spend a day reuniting in pure joy and happiness while exploring the city]

Second year + First year show, Peace One Day, Fjord + Fjell, SAT, TOK Presentation all flew by, free as a bird wow.

-Learn Norwegian, like actually (I don’t take the subject nor need to use it, so it’s a shame only knowing a few words)
-Learn Hakka + Sign Language (a continuation of summer hobbies~)

To my beloved second years, “jeg savner deg” (was gonna write ‘jag sakner dig’ until I realised Swedish ain’t Norwegian ty Niko)

Catcha later

Halfway to the finish line

-5 more days till we probably never see our second years again (hoping on that 10/20 year reunion)

-2ish more weeks till we leave our first year memories behind, only to come back 2 months later hit by a wave of nostalgia.

It’s been quick, real quick. Time really did fly. But what can we do except make the best of it?

1. Holi – Doused in colour while dancing, good old times. Small amendment for next year~perhaps warmer fjord water?

2. SAT – money makers.

3. Leirskule season/ Norwegian kids camp – Officially kicked off. My partner and I find it hilarious watching them do the Hakka ever so quietly.

4. A view from the Bridge – a spectacular 2 hour performance.

5. Tomorrow is syttende mai, literally ‘seventeenth of May’. Go do some research if you’re curious.



An initiative some students here worked so hard on. Many inspiring speakers. Available below 🙂

Las Americas Show
Me gusta bailar muchísimo. Yo bailé en Picky (Joey Montana), Eres Mía (Bachata), Regalame una noche (Salsa) y Dance EAC por supuesto. Thank you Spanish AB initio. Usted puede ver los videos abajo 🙂 The after party was one of the best I’ve ever had OMG.

Saharawi Marathon
March Grades
Extended Essay
Getting to know our first years, and accepting the fact our dear second years are leaving soon.

Thank you Dad and Mum for the package- nonetheless. ❤